Online Forms

New Covenant Online Forms

Fill out your forms online and submit them directly to our office.  We will contact you when we receive them! Click on the form you need.

Function Form

Reserve a place at New Covenant for an event or function.

Offsite Function Form

For New Covenant Functions off campus.

Ministry Volunteer Application 

There are so many places to serve the Body of Christ here at New Covenant! Look through our “Places to Serve” area of this website and see what fits you!

Kids Ministry Volunteer Application

For anyone who would like to volunteer in our Nursery, work with our Kid’s Ministries or Middle School (ONE80) on Sunday mornings, or mentor teens Friday nights with our High School Ministry (LIVE). Please note, a background check will be run on every applicant desiring to serve in these ministries.

Counseling Request Online Form

To request Pastoral Counseling.