Serving Opportunities

Sunday Serving Opportunities

There are many ways that you can serve the body of Christ here at New Covenant. Below is a list of Sunday morning opportunities. We believe God is opening doors for His children to connect to His heart through attending a service and serving a service. Find where He is calling you and fill out a Ministry Volunteer Application. If you have any questions, please contact the office @ 716.877.9882


Ministry Volunteer Application 


Kids Ministry Volunteer Application

Sound | No prior knowledge needed, just a willing heart to learn.

Worship | Singers & musicians to lead the congregation. Auditions held on occasion. Must be a member of New Covenant and fill out an application to sign up.


Projection | Computer skills helpful – very trainable.


Security | Keep us all safe! (Background Check required)


Communion Team | Prepare communion to be served by the Ushers before services on the 4th of the month

HeBrews | Serve coffee, snacks, and blended drinks

Van Pick-Up | Make a way for people to get to church on Sunday morning. (Background Check Required)


Cleaning Team | Keep the place beautiful for our guests!

Ushers | Assist guests, receive offerings, and serve communion


Greeters | Welcome people into the building and Sanctuary with a smile and assist with whatever they may need

Coffee with the Pastors | Prepare a place for guests to connect with Pastors, Elders, Small Group Leaders, and other members


Welcome Team | Meet guests after services and get them connected with who we are as a church

Nursery | Snuggle babies 4 and under! (Background Check required)

Kids Ministry | Teach out littles about Jesus, play games, and serve snacks. (Background Check required)

180 Middle School | Show our teenagers Christ’s love. (Background Check required)


Intercessors | All are welcome to join as we pray 30 minutes prior to each service in the front of the Sanctuary.

Altar Ministry | Pray over people during service as there is need. Must be a member and meet with Pastor Josh. Fill out application for more information

Weekly Serving Opportunities

There are many opportunities outside of Sunday morning that are available for you to get connected and serve the body of Christ. See the list below and fill out a Ministry Volunteer Application. If you have any questions, please contact the office @ 716.877.9882


Food Pantry | Come help sort food, serve a meal, or just share some kindness with those in need. You can help on Thursdays during Pantry hours (1st & 3rd Thurs 11-3 | 2nd & 4th 2-6) or another day of the week to help prepare.


Meals Ministry | Provide meals to those in need during hectic times such as returning home from the hospital, a death in the family, or the birth of a child! This is an as-needed ministry.

Building & Grounds Maintenance | Help keep this place beautiful! Work outside maintaining gardens, mowing, shoveling, snow plowing, etc. Or inside cleaning, organizing, disposing of garbage, etc. Keep our church safe for all who visit.

Office Volunteers | Come into the office during the week and help administratively, cutting papers, designing flyers, organizing storage areas, planning events, etc. There is always work to be done for the Kingdom!


Hospital Visitation | Visit those who are sick or preparing for surgery. Bring them the comfort and love of Christ. Pray for healing and be an encouragement to all in need. Must be a member to be part of this team. This is an as-needed ministry.