How do you obey Jesus and make disciples?  Making a disciple is much more than teaching, study and learning. Making disciples is by definition a relational process.  Jesus called His disciples with the words, “Come, follow Me…”. He called them into relationship with Him. It is impossible to make a disciple outside of relationship.  We extend His invitation to everyone who desires to make New Covenant their church family.

We have identified four aspects of making disciples, Follow, Know, Lead and Serve. We have formatted our teaching & training model around these 4 aspects and provide multiple opportunities for every willing believer to grow as a disciple, through relationship, spiritual coaching, teaching and modeling.  We invite every believer, at every stage of spiritual growth, to enter into a relationship with a spiritual coach. We will also gather in small groups of six or less to provide relationship, mentoring by a spiritual coach and mutual accountability. At various times we will offer classes that will provide the tools and understanding necessary to become an effective, disciple, leader, or coach.