What To Expect

What To Expect

When you attend New Covenant, our goal is to help you feel welcome and comfortable at our church. Our church is a warm, loving place, here to help you experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our arms are open wide to welcome everyone we come in contact with.


New Covenant has two Sunday morning service times: 9am and 11am. Both services are identical and last about 90 minutes long.


Hebrew’s Cafe

Enjoy a cup of coffee & snack from HeBrews Café. Open before & after both services.

First Time Here? Visit Guest Central in the Lobby after service and receive a coupon for a free specialty item from HeBrews

Have kids? There’s a place for them!

There is a Mother’s Room available where mom’s may go to nurse and care for infants while continuing to view and listen to the service.

Following the music portion of our service, the Nursery for children ages 3 months – 4 years & Sunday School Classes for children 4th grade and under. 5th – 8th grade students have their own Sunday morning service! One Eighty Student Ministries gathers at the beginning of service (9am & 11am) in Room 17.

Nervous about what to wear?

Don’t worry! New Covenant is a contemporary church where men come dressed in everything from jeans to suits and sport coats.  Women are comfortable wearing jeans, slacks, dresses, or suits; so whatever you wear, the important thing is always modesty, not formality or style.


Where to park:

The large parking lot on the East side of the main building has a large, Visitor Only parking area, all along the sidewalk closest to the building. You may enter the building either through the parking lot entrance to your left, or if the weather is nice, follow the sidewalk to your right to the Lobby doors under the canopy on McConkey Drive.


Where to go:

Greeters will welcome you as you enter the building from any entrance and can direct you on where to go. If you come in through the main parking lot entrance, follow the hallway until you see the corner café, turn right and proceed along the windowed courtyard hallway to the Lobby where you will find Guest Central, HeBrews Café, and the Worship Center.


What will it be like?

Our services are marked by the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and vibrant, passionate contemporary Spirit led worship. Congregants are encouraged to actively participate in worship through singing, raising hands, and occasionally dancing. Our services normally last 90 minutes long. Of course, from time to time, special guests, special services and moves of the Holy Spirit will necessitate a longer service.


What about visitors?

If you choose to visit New Covenant we won’t ask you to stand up or raise your hand – instead, you will be asked to fill out a connect card [located in the chairs] and bring that to Guest Central in the Lobby following service. There, you will receive a gift from us – your choice of mug, journal, or shirt as well as a complimentary specialty item from HeBrews Café. Our Guest Central team will be available to answer any questions you have and assist with anything you may need.


Need Prayer?

We believe there is power in the Name of Jesus! If you have any needs that we can agree with you for, please let us know. You can fill out a prayer request card located in the chairs [the back side of the connect card]. Also, during the music portion of service and at the conclusion, our Altar Team members are available to pray and agree in faith with you.